Welcome to the website of extreme swimmer, speaker &
ocean ambassador André Wiersig.


Being a part of the ocean:

For many years, I travelled to the island of Ibiza in Spain to spend my summer vacation. Close to our accommodations, there is a beach with a cove and a buoy. Every summer I would swim out to that buoy and watch the busy beach from afar.

In February 2012, I would hit the water for the first time in winter. The crystal clear water, as well as the deserted beaches fascinated me. It was very idyllic. My plan was to swim out to my buoy, but the water was so cold that I could not enter the water completely, let alone swim. When I left the water, I was completely hypothermic and cramped up, but I decided to come back the year after to try again. To prepare for this winter swim, I took cold showers for an entire year. One year later, at the same time in winter, I went into the ice-cold water again, but this time my training really paid off. The water was still unpleasantly cold, but I did it! I managed to swim out to that buoy. Once I reached it, I climbed on top and watched the beach.

At that time, I had no idea that I would cross the English Channel, with its chilly water temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) only two years later. This experience was the beginning of my career as long-distance swimmer and participant of the Oceans Seven open water swimming challenge.

When I am out swimming in the open ocean, I feel very privileged. Not everyone has the opportunity to swim out there at night. I feel a very strong connection to the water and literally speak to it as if it was a person. To me, this feeling is an unconditional love. For me water reflects life, since it is the foundation of life on our wonderful planet. I am deeply ashamed when I see what mankind does to the oceans with CO2 emissions, plastic pollution and ocean acidification to name just a few.

I am deeply concerned about this carelessness for our oceans, and will continue to do my part to stop this unnecessary destruction.






„Wenn man mal selber mitten in der Nacht, draußen im Ozean, mit dem Kopf in eine Plastiktüte geschwommen ist, bekommt man eine ganz andere Einstellung zum Schutz der Meere“

André Wiersig